Jekyll Island, Georgia

Yesterday we were on Jekyll Island in the state of Georgia. I have to say I think both of us fell in love with the atmosphere here.  It is a quaint and lovely place filled with beaches, bike paths and history.

Our first stop was at the visitors center where we were given a map and a well detailed explanation of what to see and do. We had wanted to stay at the campground on the island but reservations on line indicated they were full. There is a fee to get onto the island so we paid this and drove on.

We parked the car and took a walk on the beach.

Tide was out so we could walk along the shore


This is a very pet friendly place. All of the drinking fountains have pet bowls at the bottomIMG_0384

Beautiful tree lined roads. Most are very narrow. People get around on bicycles, golf carts or small electric cars. There are bike trails all the way around the island.


This is the Horton House. William Horton built this house in 1743 after a Spanish attack destroyed his original home. This is one of the oldest tabby buildings in Georgia. It is listed on the national registry of historic places.


This is the oldest tree on the Island. They estimate it at around 350 years old! I couldn’t do justice in pictures of the magnitude of it’s size. It spreads itself over a side yard with some of the branches touching parts of the ground. IMG_0389

Fishing Piers along Driftwood Beach


Jekyll Island has a woven history layered with a rich legacy of luxury and balanced with nature. This is someplace we know we have only explored the tip of. We will plan on returning and spending a lot more time here.


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