One last word….

Tomorrow we will be leaving Florida to head North. By tomorrow night we will be in Georgia. I have mixed emotions leaving here. I can’t wait to be able to go out doors without sweating buckets but I think that is a long time coming. From what I see on the nightly news it is hot all over! Even though we have been down here for six weeks I still don’t think we are used to the heat. We said goodbye to my parents last night and took them out to a little Italian restaurant by their home. It was sad to say goodbye because I am not sure when we will swing by this way again. Mike and I have taken jobs in Louisiana for the winter. We had to sign a six month contract so we will be there from Sept. 16-April 15. We will be at Frog City Camping Resort where I will be working mainly in the office and Mike will be doing grounds maintenance. It is located about an hr. from Baton Rouge. We will be working 4 six hr. days. The first ten hrs pay for our sight any hrs after that we will be given an hourly wage. I’ve done some research in the area. Not much to do local but I did scout out some bike trails. We haven’t ridden our bikes as much as we have wanted to due to the heat down here so the winter months in LA should suit us fine. We will only be seven hrs away from our son Joshua so maybe a few visits to OK will be possible. We have loved our stay at Seasons in the Sun Resort and would consider staying here for a winter in the future, but you have to get on a waiting list because it books up solid for the winter months. 

Mike has invested in a go pro camera and is having fun doing under water filming. I’m sure he will be hooking this up to everything imaginable to get different perspectives of most everything Now I just have to figure out how to get them into my photos to put them on this blog! 

We did do one last thing as tourists. We went to see the Manatee. They are like big lumbering water cows but are very cool to see. We only saw three because the water is warm for them in the lookout area and they have found cooler springs to go to. 

I thinks after all today’s preps are done for pulling out in the morning we are going to go to Dixie Crossroads Restaurant again for more of the local rock shrimp. Then after a good nights sleep we will be off to new adventures in the morning!


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