Getting Ready to Move On

Our time in Florida is coming to a close. As we were driving down from NY we found out that my  father had fallen and broken his wrist and arm. We decided to stay in Florida as long as him and my mother needed some assistance. It has been six weeks and we are ready to pull up anchors and head out. Took my father to the Drs. this morning and they took the cast off so he is on the mend and can drive him and my mother around. He is 87 years old but still thinks he’s a kid. I hope I have that kind of stamina and vigor when I am his age! We have had some fun being down here seeing the sights, visiting beaches, enjoying the cuisine and biking the many trails.

Visiting the Kennedy Space center. We could have spent a lot more time here, but way to expensive to pay for another day.


Daytona Beach was a great day. We drove down the beach for mil



We chose Florida as our residency.


Great Bike Rides

Great bike paths  and trails

Along the path.


The heat got to us all!


We’ll miss our time at Seasons in the Sun Resort. This is the nicest place we stayed, and thanks to Pass Port America one of the cheapest.


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