A couple of weeks ago Mike wanted to go down the canal in his little boat, through a couple of locks and end with having lunch in the town of Seneca Falls.  It sounded like a pretty good idea. We’d done it before when we our children were younger and we had a bigger boat. Every child in New York State studies the history of the Erie Canal, how it was built,  the lock system and how it works. Since hands on is a great way to learn, We would take them through the locks and explain how they worked. Since we have four children, I always found this learning experience slightly repetitive, but always willing to go along. Some people in our family (namely Mike) still hold a small fascination with boats, locks and canals. Even though we have been married forty one years both of us are more than willing to go along with each other’s whims and fancies. So when he asked me (and our small dog) to go along on a boat ride, I was more than willing. The day stared out beautiful. There is an abundance of foul and other water creatures to be observed in there natural habitat along the canal.


Starting out


Beautiful morning

IMG_1530 IMG_1529

This is an albino Blue Heron. These are usually a grey color and are very large birds that you don’t want flying right over you!


Buddy was so far enjoying himself.


Going into the first lock. Now to enter or exit a lock, the water has to be the same level as your boat. That means the water that is in the lock when you approach the gates has to be either drained or filled. This takes a certain amount of time depending on if there is another boat waiting on the other side or if there is a boat already in the lock. Some of these locks a very large which may take awhile to get through. Now Mike’s boat is made out of aluminum and there was not a cloud in the sky, which makes for one very hot ride!


Inside one of the locks


It was a beautiful ride down but was taking some time and the dog and I were getting very hot sitting ing the sun. We finally arrived in Seneca Falls for lunch. Seneca Falls is a nice little town with some very interesting NY historical facts, one of them being the birthplace of Susan B. Anthony. What we didn’t realize was that there was some kind of celebration going on on this particular day. We did find a place to dock, thankfully because the dog and I desperately needed to get off that boat. It was after noon, the sun was high and it was hot! I felt like I was being baked surrounded by the  shiny, metal tub we were floating in. All along the water was very crowded. Chairs and people lined the water way waiting for some kind of boat parade. By then I was starving and hot and needless to say a little cranky. I needed sustenance fast. We did find a bar along the water, but since we had our dog with us we couldn’t go in. I placed an order to go. I won’t go into the details, let’s just say lunch was far less than we both expected. Between the crowds, the heat and a sucky lunch, we decided just to head back. Getting back took us even longer due to boat traffic. What was supposed to be a relaxing jaunt down the water way, turned into a the longest, hottest ride to get a bite to eat I have been on. Oh well life is an adventure!


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