We started out late Friday night on April 24th and drove as far as Erie PA. It was pretty cold at home when we left with snow flakes around us as we packed up the rig. We decided to visit Uncle Wally (Walmart) for the night in Erie. It was freezing so Mike and I, Buddy (our dog) and Bob (our cat) all huddled together in our bed and hunkered down for a nights rest. At these times I am thankful we have a king sized bed, at other times when I want more walking room in the bedroom I wish we  had a queen. We started out the next morning around 9:45 headed for our next stop somewhere with 3 hrs. of Sevierville .

It was a fairly uneventful ride. It was so nice watching winter leave us and spring arrive in full bloom as we traveled south. We made a couple stops to the relief of our traveling companions, who by the way are great little travelers!


Our dog must have stepped into something at a truck stop. I thought his paw was bleeding as he licked something red off of himself. but before I could stop him and clean him up he had licked off enough to make him sick for the next 24 hrs. We felt so bad for the pup and had to make frequent stops after that . Luckily he would whine and cry to let us know he needed to get out of the vehicle, so there were no accidents in the truck! I looked up on line (thank you Web Vet MD) and found out I could give him Immodium or Pepto Bismal. I luckily had some Pepto tabs in the camper and gave him the proper dosage according to his weight. All was well within 36 hrs.

We Made a quick stop at the Interstate Campground for the night. It was a great place to stop. Right off Route 81. It had FHU and a drive through cement pad. The receptionist was so friendly and accommodating and all this for only 20 bucks.

Next morning after breakfast and showers, pets fed and walked we headed for Sevierville with just a few stops on the way for poor Buddy and Mike’s coffee breaks.

Sunday around 1 brought us into The River Plantation RV Resort. Very nice accommodations . We had a very nice spot on the river. We backed in and had a great view of the outdoors and the river flowing by.


After setting up we took a walk around the park running into Howard and Linda    and other rally attendants. Next morning was a little chilly. I love having the fireplace.  Just enough warmth to take the chill off even though we did need the furnace at nice.

IMG_1317 IMG_1319

The Rally seminars were filled with info and my brain is still trying to file it all in the appropriate folders. The caterers were the best I have ever been exposed to and the dinners were IMHO restaurant quality. It was great to meet new friends and hear their  stories about being full-time, desiring to be full-time and plans that are being made.

The last night was the Derby Party.  A fun time was had by all.


In our derby hats, well all except Mike!


Mike and I


Jo and Ran


Linda, the life of the party, starting a conga line.


Derby deserts!

Final Good Byes on Saturday


Linda and Howard give their final farewells


We say goodbye to new friends made.


Time to pull  out and head home


We all  had a great time and hope to someday go to more of Linda and Howard’s upcoming rallies.