Gains and Losses

I know when we go full-time we are headed for new and glorious adventures. We are both looking forward to new views, friendships, activities and exploring the country as well as what’s deeply hidden within ourselves. You have to admit living in 400 square feet can bring out the best or worst in everyone, and even though we have been married over 40 years, it will be fun discovering the deeper layers of ourselves and our relationship. I think discovering yourself and your spouse is a never ending venture.

Now with that being said, I will truly miss the traditions and rituals we have from our past. One of the things we always did was go to the Cartwright Inn where they tapped the trees during syrup season. This is an hours drive from our home and this year we stood in line only 75 mins. out in the freezing cold to acquire buckwheat pancakes with fresh syrup. But it’s tradition and one I will sorely miss!


Why else would you stand in line for almost 1 1/2 hr. in 20 degree weather but tradition!


Mike and our daughter, her husband and our 2 oldest grandsons freezing together.


Our daughter and myself after a filling breakfast and some warmth.

They are the only ones that are local. Our other 3 children and their families are out of town, otherwise they would be freezing along with the rest of us.

These are some of the small and glorious things I will miss.


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