Every day is a blessing!

This might be a very rambling post. My thoughts are not as organized as I would like them to be lately. It just seems like there is so much to do and so much to get ready  for our big move. We have just started to remodel the house and we are in the process of moving my parents down to Florida, and his parents up from Florida  all the while we still trying to get ready for us to move out of our sticks and bricks and go full time in the RV. So now I guess you can understand why my thoughts are kind of running  around in a circle. I feel like I have hamster brain again and I really hate this feeling! So now I try to organize myself,  and get things done. I have embarked upon cleaning out my parents apartment and getting ready to put everything into a pod to be  shipped down to them, while finding  the time to D clutter my house, remodel the rooms that need remodeling, pack up the things that need packing up and help my in-laws move into their apartment. I’m not sure why  everything seems to happen all at once. There is an old West African proverb that says  “If your parents take care of you up to the time you cut your teeth, you take care of them when they lose their’s”,  but did we have to take care of them all at the same time!    We started cleaning out a few dresser drawers and came upon items that the children have made us when they were very young. We came upon gift certificates that my daughter had made my husband for Father’s Day, drawings that they have given us, and teeth that had fallen out that we must’ve saved when the tooth fairy came. All of these things brought back a great sense of loss. Loss of their childhood, loss of our own youth, loss of the great family times we’ve had together, and a nervousness about big changes. I’m sure most people that start this venture have the same feelings. Feelings of what are we doing, how can we move away  from everything that we’ve known, how can we just venture off into the unknown. Sometimes I have to wonder what sort of people do this. Is it the people with the  adventurous spirit? Is it people that can attach and detach very easy? Is it the people that have moved around  as children? And then you have to wonder when you are out on the road how much loneliness am I going to feel? Feel for the loss of my routine, seeing my children all the time and that sense of home  and the sense of belonging. But I guess those are probably normal thoughts that run around in anybody’s brain that decides to do this full time. Today I’m going to tackle some of the stuff in my parents basement, some stuff that I have to wonder why on earth anybody would save?! I am not a junk collector or a hoarder, I’m one of those people that if I have not used it in the last six months and I don’t see myself using it in the next six months I get rid of it! On the other hand my parents are not! They seem to keep every little bit of junk that they ever have owned! Why?! I have boxes and boxes of things in my basement that they haven’t looked at in 10 years, I really have to wonder why people keep the stuff  they do, but more I wonder  why do they keep buying stuff?! And it really is just stuff. I hate clutter ,I’m not a real knickknack collector so I guess I have no understanding of why you keep so much of what I would deem as junk setting all over your house? Since my parents are down in Florida it’s up to me to get all of their things ready to ship down there and knowing that they’re in their mid 80s, and I don’t want to be doing this again, I am going to the best of my ability get rid of everything that I see as useless items and ship them down what I think is necessary for a comfortable existence. Now that promotes a problem in itself. What I might see as useless items and what they see as useless items are probably two different things, but since I have been  left this responsibility, I guess they have to go with what my opinion is! So today I’m going to go through all of the old boxes of papers, and old computer parts ,and old clothes that are too junky to even be called vintage and try to separate what I can donate from garbage I guess I will tackled their living area and then move onto mine. Onward and upward, thanks for letting me vent!