Pacing myself. Easier said than done!

When we recognize that there are limits to what we can accomplish in a certain span of time, we can make the most of every second of every day without feeling burnt out or exhausting ourselves in the process. Many people believe that pushing themselves ever harder is the only way to attain success, yet trying to meet unrealistic expectations can leave us incapable of achieving even the simplest objectives. Approaching the goal-realization process with a mind-set of practicality enables us to prioritize the items on our agendas, ensuring that we always have adequate time to address those tasks important to us. Gradually, we learn which activities are vital and which can be left until another day.


One thought on “Pacing myself. Easier said than done!

  1. At first it is really hard to not try to get it all done in one day! As time passes and you realize if you do it all today, you may not have anything to do tomorrow (LOL) you adopt the mind set that there is ONE thing to get done today, maybe! There is always tomorrow…


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