Towards the goal…..

image image image image image image imageThat seems to be our new mantra! Everything we do seems to be working towards the goal. Our weekends are spent “working towards the goal”, our conversations seem to be about “working towards the goal”, our every waking and sleeping moments seem to be in endless monkey brain ruminations of “working towards the goal”! What is our goal? Our goal is to be on the road, debt free and living in our RV by January of 2017!

I think everyone does this “working towards the goal” thing differently. For us, we decided to buy the RV and the tower first. We might have done things ass backward, but in our logic this seemed to work for us. We want everything to be paid off by the time we hit the road and also we have a seasonal spot to enjoy in the meantime.


6 thoughts on “Towards the goal…..

      • we had to clear out a 6500 Sq Ft home/studio in which we had our belongings, my dad’s belongings, and my father in laws — I know about downsizing. And when we were done we moved into a 230 sq ft 32 foot coach.

        Chunk it down. Don’t try to do everything all at once, and give yourself time to breathe, recover, and reconsider. Take a day off, recreate, and return with a more positive attitude.

        And — most importantly — know your own limits. If you need help it might cost you $$$$ but you might be better off having someone do an estate sale or something similar in order to SAVE your sanity. We did. We had a longtime friend who saved our bacon by dealing with all the bottom feeders. But, best wishes on the process.

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  1. I would agree with Peter. I made my decision to Full Time over about a year, but the last four months were pretty intense. If I did it over again, I would have stretched out the last four to at least six months. In all it was a great experience and continues to be. I love my new lifestyle. Check out the beginning of my blog, I shared just a few things I was going through at the time.

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