January 2015

The seed of this venture started cultivating about 15 years ago. Our 4 children were setting out on there own, and empty nest was looming in our near future. We have camped all of our married life, which so far now is 40 years. We started out in tents and moved on to an old camper, which we called “old yeller “.  Now “old yeller” was a 23 ft. 1974 travel trailer. She served our purposes well by providing Mom and Dad the luxury of not sleeping on the ground, since we both developed back problems. As time went on, she also gave us a peaceful place for us or the grandbabies to retreat to when things were getting lively around the campfire. After all the kids moved out and many life things happened, we kind of forgot about the ” travel across the country in an RV” plan. Instead we bought a motorcycle and traveled by that mode of transportation. There isn’t any more exillerating way to see the country than on a bike! It was great fun, but then moved on to traveling by Corvette! Again, great way to travel, but hotel stays are not my most favorite way to go.

Once again the camping bug bit us. There is nothing like traveling with your ” home”. Everything is yours. Your bed, your shower, your kitchen, more my mode! We finally bought a 25 ft. Gulfstream. We loved that for about a year when we traded up to a 29 ft. Palamino Solair. We really loved that, again, for a year when we recently traded that in on our 39 ft. Heartland Big Country! This is our to be full time home in 2 years. For now it will sit on our seasonal sight as we prepare for our life time change.


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