Looking Forward to Spring

I couldn’t help myself, I had to go to the dealership where our Camper is being stored today and take some pictures to remind me of what adventures are to come. As soon as the weather breaks we plan on learning how everything works, then a quick shakedown campout so that were ready to take it to the RV Dreams Spring Rally in Tennessee.

Very excited indeed!!!


( I found Robins password to post this… I hope she wont mind )

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Weekend Goaltending.

It’s Friday and thoughts and questions arise on our most productive ways in which to spend the weekend. Like I’ve written before, life seems to revolve around “the goal”. We have cleared out a lot of stuff that has accumulated around the house, most of it unnecessary and expendable, so there’s always more of that to do. But now we need to focus on getting the house ready to put on the market.

We live in a very nice development, but the houses were built in the 1960’s – 1990’s. All of them have been maintained   quite nicely, but we have noticed that the ones that are updated have sold for the highest market value. We bought this house about 4 years ago  when at the time we needed more room to help out with my aging parents. We looked at 32 houses and finally settled on this one which is a 4 level split. Mike turned the bottom level into an in law apartment which has worked out well and I’m hoping will only add value to the house. (Just a small note, we are not leaving my parents homeless they have decided to move to Florida. They hate the winters here.) We  added more insulation the first year we were here. They certainly didn’t consider heating costs in 1962! The second year we remodeled the kitchen adding all new lighting and granite counters  and gutted and remodeled the downstairs bathroom, last year we remodeled the main bath and the master bedroom, this year it’s the family room and possibly the living and dining room.

And that, my friends, is what we will be doing on weekend after weekend after weekend!

Pacing myself. Easier said than done!

When we recognize that there are limits to what we can accomplish in a certain span of time, we can make the most of every second of every day without feeling burnt out or exhausting ourselves in the process. Many people believe that pushing themselves ever harder is the only way to attain success, yet trying to meet unrealistic expectations can leave us incapable of achieving even the simplest objectives. Approaching the goal-realization process with a mind-set of practicality enables us to prioritize the items on our agendas, ensuring that we always have adequate time to address those tasks important to us. Gradually, we learn which activities are vital and which can be left until another day.

Clearing the Clutter!

At the heart of it, clearing is not about tackling the unsightly messes, the clothes that don’t fit, the emails that invade your inbox, the to-do lists that get longer by the second. Clearing is not about fixing a problem or reaching for a solution.
It is all about how you relate to the experience.

It is the space between the issue and the outcome where the real goodies are and where the real clearing happens……….

The “blog virgin”!

As you can probably tell from my previous posts i am very new at this blog thing! I have been a preschool teacher what seems like it has been all of my life. Between working and raising 4 children, I really didn’t have time to do much of anything else besides curriculum writing and meal planning. That would have been the extent of my writing practice, with the exception of papers back in college. So bear with me folks, I’m sure I’ll get better at this thing as time goes on. Blogging seems to be a great way to keep in touch with your family and friends and a great outlet into the emotions and feelings that are associated with such a great life change as full time rving.

Towards the goal…..

image image image image image image imageThat seems to be our new mantra! Everything we do seems to be working towards the goal. Our weekends are spent “working towards the goal”, our conversations seem to be about “working towards the goal”, our every waking and sleeping moments seem to be in endless monkey brain ruminations of “working towards the goal”! What is our goal? Our goal is to be on the road, debt free and living in our RV by January of 2017!

I think everyone does this “working towards the goal” thing differently. For us, we decided to buy the RV and the tower first. We might have done things ass backward, but in our logic this seemed to work for us. We want everything to be paid off by the time we hit the road and also we have a seasonal spot to enjoy in the meantime.